Rook - Adopted on 5/22/2022

Age:  About 9 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Border Collie/Australian Cattle Dog Mix


What an amazingly interesting dog! He loves to play ball, is wonderful in the house (housebroken and calm) and loves to go on car rides. Rooks foster recently did a DNA test on him and what we thought was a German Shepherd mix is apparently a sneaky Border Collie mix in disguise! He doesn't have separation anxiety and does wonderful in his crate. Rook is easy to put in the crate and he settles in immediately. Where he's nice and calm in the house he also loves his long walks and a game of fetch is his favorite. The best of both worlds! A dog that can settle when he's inside but can play/walk with the best of them when he's outside! Rook is currently in training, and is showing progress with his leash manners. He also just recently had a vet check and got a squeaky clean bill of health!

Rook is shy but generally friendly when meeting new people, and he warms up with a few treats. His foster describes him as endearing, affectionate and loving but not pushy or demanding, he easily takes his ques from his people. Rook also knows some basic commands such as sit, stay and down. Rook is one smart, eager to please, loving his owner dog. Rook would do best in a quiet home without too many visitors.

He doesn't need a King's castle
Or anything fancy
Just time, tenderness, and love
From an adoring family

*200 dollars has been paid towards Rooks adoption fee by one of his fosters who loved him very very much*