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Chase - Adopted on 5/15/2020

Age:  About 10 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Shih Tzu Mix


Chase is blind shih tzu with a birth defect affecting his back legs, but before you feel too sorry for this cutie, he has never known any different. Chase had a loving home with 2 other dogs, but unfortunately his owner became quite ill and could no longer care for herself or the pets in the home.

Even with his blindness, he is not sensitive or snippy. He is great with other dogs and is even very good about asking to go potty outside. Chase enjoys going outside for potty and stretching his legs and the exercise is good for him. When Chase is comfortable with someone, he will play and snuggle!

Chase is an easy going guy who asks for very little. He just wants a cozy bed or a nice lap to lay on and some exercise and play time. Chase is trying out a wheelchair to assist with mobility but can also move around on flat surfaces without it. It's helpful to use bells to direct him where you are. He also needs uncluttered spaces so he can move around due to his blindness. He is a true JOY to have.