Wilbur M - Adopted on 7/31/2021

Age:  About 3 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Hound/Pointer Mix


Here is what the foster said about Wilbur: He is extremely gentle and loves to be near his people. His favorite activities are laying and playing in the sun, snuggling and sliding on his belly in the grass or playing with any ball he can find. Wilbur loves to be near his people, so a home that he won't be left alone too commonly would be perfect. We think he will be happiest in a home with another dog to pal around with and give him comfort when his people/person is not home. He needs a little work on the leash but the harness is helping a lot. He is quiet and does not bark but he is not a huge fan of the crate. He is a chill pup but up for fun and adventures just like his brother. He is housetrained and has no bad habits!