Ivar - Adopted on 10/23/2021

Age:  Approx. 4 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Lab/Hound Mix


Ivar is big and strong but also a gentle, calm boy with a heart of gold and a face that always seems to be smiling. He came to HART underfed, shy and overwhelmed by all the sudden changes in his life. Now in a foster home, he is blossoming into a more self-assured canine and a cuddle bunny who will make a wonderful, devoted companion. He gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home, knows to do his business outside, has displayed no destructive tendencies, rarely barks and has decent leash manners. He loves long walks and would make an excellent hiking buddy. At night he sacks out on a dog bed next to a human bed and is still until people get up in the morning. During the day, he loves to plop himself down near a human - he makes a terrific telework companion.

Ivar thrives on peace and tranquility and would do well in a home without too much commotion and where someone is around most of the time to give him neck scratches, belly rubs and lots of exercise. He needs structure but delivered in a patient and reassuring way. In return you'll get his boundless love.