Dynamic Duo

Curly D (Adopted on 9/9/2022), Cash D (Adopted on 9/9/2022)

Curly D

Cash D

Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  1 female and 1 male
Breed:  DSH


Meet Cash & Curly. These 2 have hearts of gold and you will feel like you won the lottery of life by adopting them. Super social. These gorgeous kitties are total love bug and cuddle kittens. When they're not hanging out with you, playing is what they love the best. Zipping up cat trees, lounging on their window hammock watching "BIRD TV" or trying to figure how water comes out of a faucet are a few of their favorite things to do. Full of fun energy but not the crazy kitten kind. Curious and confidence galore. Totally bonded siblings. Good kitty DNA here! They're total snuggle buddies during afternoon kitten siesta. That's when the two of them recharge their love for you daily! Cash & Curly are also dedicated to helping you with any computer work - they're fascinated by the mouse pointer on your screen. Both love to lounge on the top of their fosters desk chair & watch her work. They will watch YouTube butterfly videos all day if you'd let them!