Connor - Adopted on 6/3/2017

Age:  About 9 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Beagle Mix


Look at Connor and tell me he is not the cutest dog you have seen, just try. Come and meet Connor and see if he doesn't charm your heart, just try. Connor is probably an attempt at breeding a Feist, but he is just a bit too small and a lot too cute to be a great hunter. But, he's just right to be the love of some family's eyes. He is nothing but love and curiosity. Are you his forever family? If you're the lucky ones to find him, he'll be your forever dog.

Connor is house trained and knows basic commands including sit, stay, down, shake, bed, and even rollover (with a treat!) and he is well behaved on a leash and enjoys long walks. A real sweetheart, he'll sit in your lap and cuddle for hours.

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