Oreo - Adopted on 1/6/2018

Age:  About 7 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DSH


Oreo and her sister, Daffodil, two furry munchkins, fit the true definition of rescue kitties. They were originally found as babies on a property where the owner was threatening to kill them and their mother, since the owner was not kitty friendly. A rescuer who volunteers with HART intervened to save them and relocate their mom to a safer site. To make their lives even more complicated these two babies, who we now call Daffy and Oreo, after being adopted out were returned 5 years later, when their humans decided they wanted kittens instead. They simply dumped Oreo and Daffy off at the animal shelter where they were at risk of being euthanized. HART once again, came to their rescue and pulled them from the kill shelter. They are now in a temporary foster home and need loving more than ever. Though they are shy at first, once they warm up to you and see you are a human that will love them unconditionally, they are extremely affectionate and just want to cuddle, sing and play. They're next home will be their final, loving furever home.

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