Age:  About 10 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Tree Walker Hound
Size:  56 lbs
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Probably
Kid Friendly:  Yes


Wanted: a forever home with one or two other dogs and/or with kids of any age and/or with "parents" who are home most of the time. I just do not like to be alone the whole day. Two or three hours is fine, but being alone for the entire day makes me sad and may lead to 'accidents'. So if you already have a dog, bring him/her along on Saturday, let us meet and decide if we are a good match. You can also bring your (small) child and see how we do!

In return, you get a peaceful, well-balanced companion with no (observed) prey drive who loves humans, canines, and possibly any creature that walks (or flies) the earth. While I like greeting other dogs, I walk away from any canine who seems unfriendly. I love your attention, but do not need it constantly. I bark sometimes, especially to remind you starting at around 5:00 pm that it is time for my dinner. However, if your 'resident canine' is a barker, I may join the chorus.

I was likely an outdoor dog who was not taught too many manners. Because I also happen to be smart, I already learned to sit, when my food comes. Don't worry, I am not food aggressive. A hand or baby face in or near my bowl does not bother me. The next step is to teach me not to pull on the leash, but you can accomplish that by, for example, calling my name when I pull too much. One thing: I love a dasuquin-type joint support supplement. I must have used my legs a lot, so a little supplement will assure that I continue to feel good.

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