Blitzun - Adopted on 8/30/2019

Age:  3 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Lab Mix


Blitzun is doing great in his foster home. He is just waiting for the right forever home. Blitzun is loving and affectionate and loves to snuggle and give kisses! He is also very active and will need plenty of exercise, both physical and mental. He will excel in a home where his people will show their love by setting limits and keeping a regular routine for him, and by hugging and cuddling him. He needs training and consistent rules but he is very smart and, with a consistency of approach, he will learn quickly. Blitzun has settled a bit in the last few weeks, but he still has plenty of game left in him. I haven't used this phrase in a long time, but if you want someone around who thinks you hung the moon and adores you for that, adopt Blitzun, you will not be sorry.

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