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Kendall - Adopted on 12/17/2020

Age:  About 6 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Hound Mix


Kendall is a great dog. She is very well behaved at home. She is house and crate trained and a very neat dog. She may need some reassuring when new people come in the house but if they ignore her until she's ready, she warms up pretty quickly. She is the same way with other dogs. She doesn't like them running up and getting in her face if she doesn't know them. There is a warm-up, sniffing, respectful distance period. We have successfully introduced her to many dogs and once accepted, she gets along great with them. While out walking in our neighborhood, she sometimes reacts to other dogs by growling. We have been able to prevent these outbursts most of the time by just getting her attention and reassuring her that she is OK.

She is really smart, she would love spending time with her people doing activities that challenge her like maybe rally obedience or agility or learning new tricks. Kendall recently passed her canine good citizenship test with her foster mom. She will do best in a house where discipline (meaning structure and not punishment) goes hand in hand with affection. She is very good with older children who are familiar with dogs and can tell her what to do.