Shenandoah - Adopted on 11/5/2017

Age:  3 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Hound/Shepherd Mix


Shenandoah is part German Shepherd, part hound, and all cuddle-bunny. This 2-year old, 45-50lb bundle of joy has nothing but love for all humans and other dogs. House broken and crate trained, she almost never barks and hardly sheds at all. She bonds quickly and is super affectionate to the point of being slightly clingy. Wherever you go, she will follow. If you relax watching TV, she will want to be RIGHT THERE with you to get belly rubs. Lots of belly rubs. This is not a dog who will be happy with humans who keep her at arm's length or who are fussy about a dog getting on furniture. Her ideal home will have someone around most of the time who doesn't mind a canine shadow and who will treasure the boundless affection she has to give.

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