Jay Z - Adopted on 3/4/2018

Age:  2 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Lab/Pointer Mix


Jay Z is just happy happy happy and his tail (well his little nub) goes a mile a minute. At one glance he looks like a lab type and then you look again and you see maybe pointer or brittany spaniel. He has a docked tail and a slender build. He gets along well with most dogs and frequently shares a dog bed with other dogs in his foster home. He can get a little pushy but responds well to a little structure. He loves to play chase (either chasing or being chased) around the house or yard, he also loves to snuggle and makes a good couch companion while watching TV although he's still not quite figured out surround sound. He is young so has a good bit of goofy energy and is still learning what he is and is not allowed to play with in the house. He rides well in the car, sleeps through the night in a dog bed next to his human's bed, and does not to be crated at night. He is house trained.

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