Rozie - Adopted on 3/3/2018

Age:  3 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Walker Hound


Rozie is a very sweet girl with soulful brown eyes. She loves being with her people and will follow you around to whatever room you are in and lay down in there with you. She's a very calm girl and gets along really well with other dogs, no matter the energy level. My dog is high energy and she is not bothered by that at all, and would just prefer to hang out in the yard and chase squirrels or follow her nose, or curl up on the couch and snooze next to her people or other dog in the house. She is doing much better with housebreaking, and does not have many accidents, but does need someone to be aware of her cues that she needs to go out as she is not vocal about it, as she works more on that, and she needs to go out more often those most adult dogs while she is house training. She needs to be coaxed to go out sometimes, especially if she thinks it is time to eat! She is well crate trained, and loves treats. Rozie does love food a lot, and will do anything for a treat. She is used to twice a day feedings. She doesn't seem to care about people food, I mean she would eat if you gave it to her, but she won't try to take it from you or beg if you are sitting in front of her with a plate. She plays some with toys inside the house (outside it is all about the nose!) and really enjoys toys with hidden treats!

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