Hunter - Adopted on 10/14/2017

Age:  9 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Pitbull Mix


Like your love super-sized? Meet Hunter! This big boy is the total package. Hunter got a perfect score on his temperament test. That's right, he scored as high as a dog possibly can, in every category from meeting dogs and cats to getting a physical exam. He is housetrained, crate trained, easy to walk, attentive and very affectionate, not to mention extremely handsome.

So why is this gorgeous boy available for adoption? Because the family he had had since puppyhood was moving to Texas and he wasn't invited. That's right. After giving these folks a lifetime of love, loyalty, and being the best dog he could possibly be, they tossed him out and never looked back. Apparently they also couldn't be bothered to exercise him, because Hunter's only problem is that he needs to lose weight. His foster family is working on that and we are confident that Hunter will soon be svelte and much more comfortable as he slims down.

Sometimes, as one volunteer noted, the best thing that can happen to a dog is to be given up by its family. Hunter is with a foster family who will help him shed the excess pounds and take great care of him until we can find him a family who will deserve his love and devotion, and will appreciate him for the wonderful boy he is.

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