Flower & Sebastian

Flower (Adopted on 12/16/2017), Sebastian S (Adopted on 12/16/2017)


Sebastian S

Age:  About 3 years, About 2 years
Gender:  1 female and 1 male
Breed:  Pitbull Mix, Terrier Mix


Even in the bleakest of circumstances, and the most desperate of times, love can blossom and bring hope and comfort. Flower and Sebastian found themselves alone and abandoned in a place that reeked of fear and death: the same high kill shelter in South Carolina. They came in separately from their own individual hells, and were thrown together by fate. A desperate appeal went out, HART answered, and two terrified dogs who had given up thinking that life offered them anything but misery and an early death miraculously were saved by the same rescue and landed in the same foster home, where they clung to each other like a drowning person to a life jacket.

These two little lost souls found love and comfort in each other. Their caretaker says "he would rather look at her than breathe!" When she is scared, he stands next to her and licks her to reassure her, his steadfast presence giving her courage. She calms him and eases his worry. When we agreed to take them, we had no plan to ask that they be adopted together, but we committed to doing our best to give them each a safe and happy life. Can you help us? They are small, and don't ask for much, but if they had a loving family and each other, it would be the fairy tale ending we all wish for.

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