Ricky - Adopted on 8/27/2017

Age:  6 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Russian Blue mix


Ricky was found in a colony of feral cats, but Ricky was obviously not feral. He marched up to the people and announced that he would love to be an indoor, pampered kitty! His rescuer took him in, and after some visits to the vet, it was discovered that he had to have his teeth removed for health reasons. He's fully recovered from that now and is doing great. Ricky is quite happy to be an indoor cat. He is a very sweet kitty who is becoming rather affectionate. He is not a fan of laps, but loves to lie on his back and have you rub his stomach. Ricky is more of the 'couch potato' cat than he is playful, but he does have his moments where his 'inner kitten' comes out to play. He would do best in a household with one other cat or as a single cat.

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