Venus - Adopted on 10/7/2017

Age:  3 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Great Pyrenees


Venus is a fantastic dog who is going to be a very loyal and loving companion! She is a smart cookie! She is in a foster home and does very well with a 9yr old dog and 3 cats. She is great about sharing food and treats. She is not possessive. Not that I recommend this but I caught my cat sticking his head into her food bowl and eating and she backed up and let him eat.. Venus doesn't love to be crated but she is good having free roam of the house when nobody is home. Venus is working on her house training and has learned to bark and or whine when she needs to go out. She loves to cuddle and will try to join you on the sofa or bed but can easily be deterred and will get off when asked. Venus is a very large girl and can be mouthy in her human dog play - we are working on this but Venus would not be appropriate for homes with children under 12. She is also sensitive about her feet and she will correct a person who attempts to touch her paws. To sum up, Venus is great with dogs and cats. Can be a nice companion to an older dog or a playful companion to a younger dog. She is affectionate but she will tell you when she is uncomfortable and therefore would be ideally placed in a family with no children or older children who have experience with large working type dogs. Also Venus can easily scale a 4ft fence so will require a 6ft fence when off leash.

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