Ginger A - Adopted on 12/18/2017

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Terrier


Ginger came to HART recently what one of our volunteers spotted her and saw what a sweet dog she is. After HART said we would take her, the shelter people sad: "Oh, bu the way, there is an old injury to her front leg.." By then we were already so charmed by Ginger that there was no way we would not take her. Yes, her front leg had to be amputated (she was spayed at the same time what a trooper) and is now recovering. We talked to the Vets and have received such glowing reports, that we felt we couldn't hold her back any longer, meet Miss Ginger, the sweet and the brave. Ginger is the kind if dig who will charm you and love you from the get-go. She does not hold back. Come and take a look at this bundle of love and see if you are good enough to be her forever human. She's not picky, but those of us who have met her and love want to make sure she's safe and LOVED.

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