Red the Beagle - Adopted on 1/6/2018

Age:  9 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Beagle


Good with other dogs once he's properly introduced. VERY needy of lots of snuggles. Sits with me on the couch every morning enjoying pats till he falls asleep. Crate trained and mannerly with his food. Quietnot a barker or howler, even when the other dogs are vocal. As far as house trained, he is a "marker" but tolerates his belly band pretty well. Seems less interested in that behavior as I've had him longer (belly band dry), so perhaps it is just a transition thing for him. With so many other dogs in the house, I haven't taken the band off when he's inside, though...When Red's outside, he is very active and alert and tries to play with the other dogs. He will challenge a fence so be sure his new home has a secure environment for him. I hand walk him in the yard and out and about daily. Very people oriented little dog.

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