Tallulah - Adopted on 10/14/2017

Age:  About 5 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix


Tallulah is perfection in a small, sturdy package. Her photos don't do her justice: she is unbelievably cute, adorable, precious, and every other wonderful adjective you can think of. She prefers dogs her size or smaller, and plays very gently with them, bigger dogs seem to scare her initially until she knows they won't hurt her. She seems to get along with everyone, and in her quiet, unassuming way is always there for her friends. She will follow you around and just wants to be near you, but if she can be snuggling with you, that is even better. She loves to go on long walks and walks pretty on a leash but could use a little training not to pull. She is housetrained. She loves to play with her soft squeaky toys a few times a day, but doesn't do it constantly.

She has the most beautiful brownish grey coat, with tan markings and paws, a little white bib, and the loveliest eyes that will make your heart melt. She is afraid of the dark and doesn't like to go in dark places. She snores softly and adorably when she sleeps. Some idiot chopped off her ears in a futile attempt to make her look mean. They failed miserably because she is without a doubt the sweetest dog you could ever meet and just to prove that, she doesn't hold it against the human race and seems to like everyone she meets.

This little southern belle would enjoy a quiet home, where the emphasis is on snuggling, long walks, a little time to play with her stuffed toys, and lots of time hanging out with her family.

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