Harlo - Adopted on 9/9/2018

Age:  Roughly 4 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DSH


Looking for a sweet adorable cat with a permanent kitten face? Harlo is the guy! Only consider him if you want a playful and cuddly cat! He is so affectionate and super-friendly. He won't hide when your friends visit, in fact, he'll want to sit in your guest's lap and be part of the conversation. And he sure likes laying on you while watching TV.

I learned quickly that Harlo loves toys. His absolute favorite is crumpled up pieces of paper. You can see him shake some from the excitement as his eyes dilate so much they go all black, but he just sits there waiting patiently. And he fetches! This boy will bring that paper ball back every time. Watch the video!. He also likes to bring his collection of paper balls all to bed at night.

Read his full bio and see pictures HERE!!. So, why hasn't this amazing cat been adopted yet? Well, he's diagnosed with an immune-suppressing virus called feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and unfortunately, there are too many misconceptions about this condition. You will also find useful links about FIV and how it's not so scary, in the link above.

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