White Hot

Flame (Adopted on 11/20/2017), Fire (Adopted on 11/20/2017)



Age:  1 year
Gender:  2 males
Breed:  Siamese


These brothers were rescued from a feral colony, and are learning what life around people is all about. They are coming around quickly in foster care and loving all the food and toys.

Flame LOVES people. He will charge you as you enter the room and will stand on his hind legs trying to get your attention. He wants all the love all the time. He's good about being held, but prefers being petted on the ground. He will absolutely be your shadow.

Fire was by far the shyest, but he's now figured out how good petting feels and he seeks it out. He is an excellent jumper and super playful.

These boys are super active, fun, and playful. They are both also very vocal and will meow and chirp at you to get attention and food.

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