Leah Puerto Rico - Adopted on 1/6/2018

Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Sato


Leah is very affectionate, mellow and eager to please. She wants to be with her people as much as possible. We are working on crate training, and she is sleeping through the night happily in her crate. She also seems to be grasping the concept of potty training very well. She gets along really well with the small dog in the home, but is timid around the large dog. She is very interested in him, but just unsure.

She is doing well with a supervised toddler, although a home with slightly older children may be better for her as she is still gaining some confidence and sudden movement and loud noises can startle her. She is 18 lbs as of the end of November. She is just an all around wonderful, sweet dog!

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