Babes of Winter

Icie (Adopted on 1/7/2018), Frosty II (Adopted on 1/7/2018), Willie 4 (Adopted on 12/10/2017)


Frosty II

Willie 4

Age:  1 year
Gender:  2 females and 1 male
Breed:  DSH


Chrissy - She's the leader of the pack - full of non-stop energy and curiosity. Loves roughhousing and playing with her sisters, running around with her toy mouse in her mouth, meows for her food. Always greets you with enthusiasm. Slows down for petting and kisses when she's worn herself out.

Frosty - Although stockier, fuzzier and not as fast as her sisters, she's always the first one over the baby gate in the morning even though she doesn't keep up with them when they are chasing toys flat out. If not playing with her sisters, she's sitting and looking out the window watching the world go by.

Icie - very energetic and full of play like Chrissy. Loves to climb up and sit on my shoulder.

These babies are super energetic. They love petting and handling when they are tired or hungry, but they are rarely tired and rarely stay still. Busy playing with toys and with each other most of the time.

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