Penny (Yule S) - Adopted on 8/10/2019

Age:  About 3 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Pitbull Mix


This tenacious little girl came to HART around the holidays last year so she is listed and was named Yule S, but her foster parents have been calling her Penny. Penny can be very shy and scared in new situations so she will need your support but also needs a firm leader - no mollycoddling! Penny has come a long way from her first adoption event when she hid so far in the corner under the fish tanks that you wouldn't have known she was there. She has been working on becoming braver on walks and now she eagerly runs too you when asked to "go for a walk?"

Penny can be very particular about her dog friends and is not good with other dogs at adoption events. She does live happily with four large dogs (including Jazmin who is also available for adoption) and has lots of fun running and playing with them. She also loves playing with toys.

When she's not playing and running, she loves to snuggle and she and her foster dad watch the news together and are often found "resting their eyes" in the recliner. She sleeps in bed with her foster parents and canine siblings and loves to cuddle, but be warned - she snores!

Penny would love a forever home that has a yard for zooming and maybe a patient large dog who likes to play. Young children make Penny nervous so she needs to be in a home with adults or teens who will continue with her training and will love her to pieces just as she deserves. Does Penny sound like your girl?

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