Bubby Jr - Adopted on 3/10/2018

Age:  About 6 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Dachshund/Beagle Mix


Bubby is PERFECT and in the words of his foster "the GOLD standard!" When we heard about him a the shelter and heard he was out of time we said yes. They said of him:
This little dude is HILARIOUS. So full of personality and sass. He is a very overweight dachshund/beagle mix named Bubby Jr. He loves people deeply and was so happy to see me when we came to take pictures. Just a doll! He weighs around 30 lbs but should weigh 20.

This is what his temporary SC foster said: "Bubby has perfect manners. He's 100% housebroken, does not chew, will not jump on furniture unless you ask him to, and does not get into anything he shouldn't. He has had the run of my house without his crate and is absolutely fine while I'm gone, although if you have a crate, he'll go in there on his own to nap sometimes. If you sit on the floor and look at him, he'll come over and give you a big snuggle. He loves everyone and is absolutely perfect.

His favorite thing in the world is walking on a leash. Just show him the leash and he will be overcome with joy. His little legs will go, go, go at a good pace for a long walk. He seems to have no bad habits. He will love you from the moment he sees you and will ask for very little in return. He ended up briefly in a shelter for some reason, but he's no worse for wear and knows how to live in a home with people without causing any problems. Plus he has a great smile and the world's softest ears." You just might want to come by to meet perfect little chubby Bubby!

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