Graces Bones - Adopted on 4/14/2018

Age:  2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Boxer/Hound Mix


Graces is a fun loving very good natured dog. She settles extremely well in the house, she's housebroken and does great in the crate. She might not even need the crate but settles so easily that I think it helps with a transition to a new home. Graces does wonderful in the car, loves to meet strangers (needs to learn not to jump up on people) and doesn't seem to have any fear based issues. She's probably high energy outside and will need at least one good long walk (or a jog) a day. Again, inside she settles down easily and is just a joy to have around. I've food aggression tested her with my own hands and she did great. She did well when I gave her a bath and fantastic when I cut her nails. Outside she needs to learn to settle on the leash (she likes to pull) and does have a drive for squirrels and rabbits. Graces is eager to please so it should be no problem to teach her anything. All she needs is just a pat on the head and a good scratch behind the ears. Please come meet Graces. She's definitely ready to meet you:)

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