Guardians of the Galaxy

Groot (Adopted on 2/18/2019), Rocket I (Adopted on 2/18/2019)


Rocket I

Age:  1 year
Gender:  2 males
Breed:  DMH


These guys are amazing! Both are extremely affectionate and playful. They are bonded brothers and you will often see them sleeping together and grooming each other. Groot loves to sit on your lap at the computer. Rocket loves to sit on your lap when you watch TV. They both beg to be pet and will let you hold them and pet them for as long as you are willing. They love their toys, too. If you dangle a string with feathers on it, they will jump and flip to catch it, often competing with each other. When playtime is over, they curl up and quietly nap together. Expect all around great cats with lots of purrs and playfulness. They would love to become the Guardians of your personal Galaxy.

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