Sneezy - Adopted on 6/3/2018

Age:  10 months
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DSH


Happy is Smaller than all the rest and the most dramatic. She likes to sit on laps and will separate from the group to sit with person. Affectionate and fearless with the others but DRAMATIC and can dish it out but cannot take it. Should not be placed with Grumpy, Sneezy or Sleepy. Dopey is Silly, affectionate, curious, funny, social, gets along with everybody. Docc is all boy. He is inquisitive, active, gets along with everybody. Bashful is more reserved than the others, frequently separates herself.She really Enjoys to spend time with Nada (her yearling foster sister who came from Puerto Rico last fall) Grumpy is the most engaged with people. Seeks affection and interaction and is very pliable in handling. Very confident and easy going and would get along with any other animal. Should not be placed with Happy or Snow White.

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