Coco - Adopted on 7/21/2018

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Pitbull Mix


Want to put some bounce in your life? Coco is your girl! This vivacious pup is a party unto herself, but everyone is invited to come and play Coco is a gorgeous girl and her athletic talents and joy for life will steal your heart and make it sing.

Coco was a favorite at the shelter she came from, where the volunteers said "She loves to play with toys and she loves to play in the pool, and she especially loves combining the two. She will happily entertain herself, but also likes for you to throw a toy for her. She is very smart: I can call her and tell her to go back and get her toy and she does it. She is affectionate and enjoys being petted, especially after she has had some time to burn off some energy."

Coco has real potential as a competitor in a dog sport such as agility or dock diving, as she is smart, athletic, and focused, but she would also be an exceptional companion to any active person or family who wants to include a dog in their outdoor activities. She even loves to climb trees!

Little Coco did not arrive at the shelter in the best of shape: She was thin and dirty, with weepy eyes and scabs on face, head and muzzle. Now she has filled out, her coat has improved and she is as beautiful on the outside as she has always been on the inside. All this bubbly, beautiful, bright little athlete needs now is to find a loving family or person and a home of her own (with or without trees).

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