Sweetie - Adopted on 7/28/2018

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Beagle/Hound Mix


Sweetie doesn't even begin to describe what a sweet pup this little girl is! From day one she folded right in to her foster family's routine. Her foster siblings include dogs and cats. She was curious about the cats at first but as soon as they hissed she got the message and minds her own business.

Her favorite things are spending time with her people and playing with toys. She loves all humans and seeks out their attention. She loves to crawl into your lap, lick your face, and then settle down to snooze next to you. At night she prefers to burrow under covers. Right up there with humans are toys. She loves to grab a toy, play with it for a bit, and then stash it on the couch. Over and over she repeats with a different toy. By the end of the day, the couch is full of her goodies!

Sweetie has not shown any food aggression and has been very respectful of the other household dogs' bowls. She is very food motivated and will need to be trained not to counter surf. She loves the outdoors and would love to have a big back yard to run around in. She is easy to walk and enjoys meet new people and dogs along the way. Amazingly, her foster has not heard her bark - that is a rarity for a hound! She seems to be potty trained although she has made it clear she would rather hold it than get her dainty paws wet in this deluge of wet weather we have been having!

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