Megan Kitty (Adopted on 1/20/2019), John Kitty (Adopted on 1/20/2019)

Megan Kitty

John Kitty

Age:  3 years, 2 years
Gender:  1 female and 1 male
Breed:  American Bobtail, DSH


Megan and John formed a bond when they were put in the same foster home together. Megan prefers to cuddle with people and play with John. John prefers to roam the house, content to let Megan get all the cuddling. However, when it comes to play time, these two are the best of buds! Both act like kittens, are bright and inquisitive and super respectful of the other cats in the house. Megan LOVES to be picked up for a quick cuddle, while John is much slower to warm up.

Because of their playful bond, we'd love to place Megan and John in a home together. Dogs, cats, kids...nothing phases these guys. If you have a home with an empty lap for Megan and an understanding attitude for John, these guys are the pair for you!

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