Saydie - Adopted on 3/16/2019

Age:  About 3 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Hound


Saydie is a great hound and looks like a Treeing Walker Coonhound. And gosh "Dem EARRRRSSSSS", so cute!! This happy girl has been living in a foster home and does great inside the house and also enjoys playing in a fenced yard (tall fence is essential for this athletic pup) and going on walks. As a hound, she is always ready to explore and sniff out anything of interest. She is good on a leash and walks fine with other dogs. She does bark (she's a hound!) but will be quiet if you tell her to "shush". She is fine being crated during the day and at night. She is also a good sleeper and likes to sleep at the very end of the bed in a corner (and doesn't take up any room unlike our Golden Retriever who is a bed hog). Currently, she knows "sit", "shake" and "wait" but if you want her to do those things be sure to have a treat! She is very smart, willing to learn, and full of love. Come meet Miss Saydie!

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