Denver (formerly Eddie) - Adopted on 8/1/2023

Age:  5 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  All-American House Dogs


Life started out great. I was adopted as a puppy and enjoyed the comforts of home for four years. When a cat was introduced into the household, I did not acclimate well and, sadly, I was returned. As expected, transitioning from life in a home to life in a kennel has been confusing and traumatic. As a result, I can be a bit unsure when meeting new people but warm up quickly. I really enjoy canine companionship and, at the risk of bragging, I am an adorable and intelligent dog, always ready to hand you a paw. I so truly wish to live in a home again and enjoy nice long walks, cuddle time, and stability. In return I will shower you with love, loyalty, and undying affection.