The Squittens

Flower I (Adopted on 1/4/2019), Thumper II (Adopted on 1/4/2019)

Flower I

Thumper II

Age:  6 years
Gender:  1 female and 1 male
Breed:  DSH


Please keep reading. Flower and Thumper are incredibly loving cats. We know that there is someone out there for such a very, very special duo. This brother and sister pair have radial hypoplasia, a condition where they were born with abnormally short and twisted forelimbs. Despite this, they live a typical indoor kitty life. They are mobile, use the litter box, and can jump up on the sofa or bed to snuggle with their humans, which is by far their favorite thing to do! If you are curious to know more about Flower and Thumper, please do reach out to us!

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