Socrates - Adopted on 12/8/2018

Age:  7 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Snowshoe


This amazingly affectionate cat has been loved and doted on since his first week of life. Seven years old, Socrates was hand-raised and fed as an orphaned kitten it showed the moment he found his forever family. Socrates is in good health with no medical or personality issues. He's a solid medium sized Siamese at 10 lbs. You won't find a more affectionate cat and almost human-like in the way he 'talks" to you. Lots and lots of chirping, forehead snuggling and hugging. He's been raised with another rescue and OK with other cats. While he doesn't love dogs, he has been around them. He is good with the humans, too, from babies, toddlers, kids, teens and adults alike. Just pet him and he's happy. He is a perpetual lap-sitter and always sleeps in bed with his humans. He is fastidiously clean and has always been a 100% litterbox user.

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