Cindy & Candy

Cindy (Adopted on 12/29/2018), Candy (Adopted on 12/29/2018)


Age:  About 10 years, About 9 years
Gender:  2 females
Breed:  Beagle Mix


If you are looking to expand your family and to fall in love at the same time, these two delightful pups are tailor made for you. Candy and Cindy need a new home because their former human fell into hard times. These two pups were the light of his life and he would not let them go until he had no choice. Candy and Cindy are really bonded (they love snuggling with each other) and are super sweet, gentle, and quiet.

Candy (darker face), is more outgoing and playful and Cindy (lighter face) is calmer. Both girls are full of love and wiggles! They are looking for just the right family that they can give their love to. Is that you?

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