Orchid - Adopted on 12/29/2018

Age:  About 3 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Pitbull Mix


Sweet. Gentle. Affectionate. Nurturing. Motherly. These are all words the shelter staff used to describe Orchid to us. In her foster home, Orchid is 100% housetrained and does well in a crate, though she doesn't need one. She loves to sleep with someone at night and is a great snuggle partner. She doesn't bark, sits for treats, loves to eat, and LOVES to tear the stuffing out of every stuffed toy she has.

This intelligent girl is loving and very gentle with children. She has been great with her foster family's 4 year old daughter. She is interested in everything, but checks in with her people frequently for love and tummy rubs. And that expressive face of hers will steal your heart. With her moderately high energy levels she would probably make a good jogging or walking partner, and a big fenced yard where she can zoom around and play in would be a plus. Orchid has been great with other dogs, but she does seem to get more excitable around other active dogs. She would be fine as an only pet, but would enjoy having doggy friends and playdates.

One of the shelter's volunteer took a little poetic license and added the butterfly to the photo of Orchid because it seemed to capture her gentle spirit and her curiosity about the world. Orchid arrived at the shelter filthy, clearly having been used as little more than a breeding machine. Thankfully, those days are behind her, and Orchid is looking forward to starting her new life, and to finding love, happiness, and butterflies!

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