Fabulous Five

Socks F (Adopted on 12/8/2018), Lola F (Adopted on 11/17/2018), Blossom F (Adopted on 12/8/2018), Tye F (Adopted on 11/17/2018), Delilah F (Adopted on 11/17/2018)

Socks F

Lola F

Blossom F

Tye F

Delilah F

Age:  9 months
Gender:  4 females and 1 male
Breed:  Hound Mix


Meet the Fabulous Five! They recently arrived from North Carolina where they were surrendered by their owner in NC. The family kept the mom but promised to get her spayed. They seem to have been well taken care of and loved. They are very social and absolutely love human company! They even do great on car rides.

Socks is a beautiful tan princess with sock-painted white paws. She is the trouble maker of the bunch! She will etch herself into your heart.

Lola is a prissy missy. She is a calm little sweetheart!

Blossom is the most vocal and is opinionated and bossy little sugar plum!

Tye, the only boy, is a sweet boy who is going to be a heartbreaker. When he isn't rough housing, he just sits and watches you.

Delilah is last but not least. She is all about belly rubs, jazz music, and baby talk. She is a sweet little pumpkin!

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