Duce - Adopted on 12/15/2018

Age:  About 5 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Rottweiler Mix


Duce, call him deuce not duce as in Mussolini, has a sad, happy, sad, happy(?) story. He was forced to stay with the pigs in the sty. He had to put up with all the filth that pigs can deal with, but dogs can't. He was also undernourished. Now that he's with a HART foster, he is getting all the love that he was looking for but never found. Duce loves everything and everyone. He will go up to anyone and anything and ask to be accepted. He is that once in a lifetime dog whom we all want and few of us really deserve. If you think you do deserve it, or if you just hope you do, come and see Duce at our PetSmart events.

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