Boomer R (Adopted on 12/8/2018), Roxanne R (Adopted on 12/15/2018), Arthur R (Adopted on 1/5/2019), Otis R (Adopted on 12/15/2018), Copper R (Adopted on 12/22/2018)

Boomer R

Roxanne R

Arthur R

Otis R

Copper R

Age:  About 8 months
Gender:  1 female and 4 males
Breed:  Hound Mix


Boomer has the most perfect little face and a matching personality to go with it. He loves to play and the only thing that will stop him in his tracks is a bowl of mashed butternut squash.

Roxanne will melt your heart with her beautiful big brown eyes. She is a gentle little gal who loves nothing more than to sleep in your protective arms.

Arthur has the crown of kinds around his little tail. He has such handsome markings! He is the guy who will throw the surprise party and start the conga line.

Otis is the runt of the litter, but don't let his size fool you. He is larger than life. What he lacks in size, he makes up for with his fun personality.

Copper is the gentle giant of the litter. He is such a softy and is a well behaved gentleman. He will kiss your hands until he falls asleep. Such a sweetheart.

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