Alice A - Adopted on 8/31/2019

Age:  About 8 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Pitbull Mix


How do I begin to tell you about Alice A? Everyone who sees Alice says she is a striking and beautiful dog. I respond with "on the outside and the inside". All of her neighbor friends have come to adore her, so much that some have given her their own special names. The name list consists of Honey Bun, Susie Q, and Sweet Pea. She touches everyone's heart and she never forgets a face.

Alice is an easy walking partner, a social lady, an awesome listener, and a great communicator. She doesn't pull the leash and is comfortable walking beside you or a little ways in front, but she will look back for you to ensure you're with her. She knows commands such as no, sit, stay, come, and hold up at curbs before crossing the street. She will come to you when she is ready to go for a walk to do her business. She is not kept in a crate while her foster parent is gone and has never had any accidents in the house or any shown destructive behavior.

Alice loves meeting furry dog friends and their owners (big and small). She loves the comfort of human touch, belly rubs, kisses, the human bed and couch but will also go and lay on her own bed.

What does Alice A stand for:
A - affectionate, approachable & awesome
L - loving, loyal, & laidback
I - intelligent, inspiring & innocent
C - calm, caring & courteous
E - exceptional, excellent & easy going

A - amazing lady

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