Alice A

Age:  About 7 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Pitbull Mix
Size:  77 lbs
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Yes
Kid Friendly:  Yes


We're going to go out on a limb (a pretty short limb, however) and guess that Alice was a moneymaker for someone who bred and bred and bred her in an endless cycle of pregnancy and nursing puppies who were sold for heaven knows what, until she was replaced with a younger moneymaker. Next thing you know, Alice became a "stray" and, unsurprisingly, no one came to reclaim her.

Well, alrighty, deep breath. Anger will not help get Alice a new, loving home, but perhaps you will.

Like so many other dogs who have every reason to be unimpressed by humans, Alice still loves people despite it. She is sweet and friendly after a wee bit of shyness initially. She walks nicely on a leash. She loves to go for walks, but would be equally happy snoozing on an orthopedic bed by your feet. She's grateful for every kindness, and leans in to experience the bliss of every gentle touch.

Alice would be such a wonderful easy-going companion, but at the shelter she was passed by time and again by every rescue and every potential adopter. Why? Because everyone wants the young, the beautiful. We think Alice is beautiful, saggy nipples and all, because we see the gentle spirit that triumphed after years of adversity. Open your heart, and you'll see it too.

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