Patty - Adopted on 7/28/2019

Age:  About 4 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Pitbull Mix


Patty was an incredible mother to her Thanksgiving litter and gave all of her fat to keep her growing babies alive before she was rescued. Her puppies were all adopted and Patty's foster mom then took in a litter of orphaned kittens, and Patty decided it was her job to care for them! She has been amazing with them, snuggling with them and cleaning them.

Patty is a super snuggler. She loves plush beds and cozy blankets. She is house broken and beautifully crate trained. Patty has wonderful leash manners and is also very polite to strangers. Patty is also great with most dogs, but she is not fond of some high energy females. Despite being skinny and having had a hard life, she has an incredible temperament with people and is not food or toy possessive.

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