Twiggy I - Adopted on 2/20/2019

Age:  About 8 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DSH


Twiggy is one VERY lucky and special girl. She was nearly starved to death when she was found by a West Virginia ACO Officer, living in filth and infested by fleas. She was barely alive. He took her to a rural WV shelter and against all odds, she started to come back to life. Unfortunately that shelter did not have a lot of resources, so this little girl hit the jackpot and moved to lovely Loudoun County to try her luck here, with us at HART. Now Twiggy has put on weight, her coat is growing back in glossy and beautiful, and best of all she does not hold her past treatment against the world. On the contrary, she loves everyone! Headbutts, purrs, and cuddles await the lucky people that bring her into their family. So, let's give this girl a Fairy Tale ending to this story! Adopt this lovely little lady today!

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