Jackson - Adopted on 12/15/2018

Age:  About 3 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Carolina Dog/Boxer Mix


Jackson was in a foster home in SC before he came to HART and his foster mom absolutely adored him! Here is what she wrote about him:

"He is the best snuggler. He loves to sleep at night with his head on you if you let him. He loves to follow you around the house and places his head in your lap when you are seated. He is very quiet and mellow, but also has the energy to keep up with our morning runs. He loves meeting new people and walks up to them calmly and lets them pet him.

He always comes running when you call his name and know basic commands. One time I was downstairs in my living room. I called him down to go for a walk and he came running and jumped down the last five stairs to the ground and and did not land on his feet. He then just stood up and cocked his little head to the side as if saying, "nope, I didn't just fall on my face... I'm good" and wagged his tail and strolled camly up to me for his leash. It was hilarious!

He has the cutest upright ears that are so expressive and always show is happy demeanor. He is super sweet and just wants your love and affection. He is friendly with other dogs and doesn't bark when they are near. He is honestly the best dog I've ever fostered. He deserves the world and is the best boy ever."

Jackson is house trained and crate trained, though he doesn't need a crate and does well with free roam when his people aren't home. Let us know if you are interested in meeting this gem, he won't be available for long!

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