Mau Buds

Bumble (Adopted on 3/3/2019), Pringle I (Adopted on 3/3/2019)


Pringle I

Age:  1 year
Gender:  2 males
Breed:  Arabian Mau


Bumble and Pringle are a fantastic pair! Both were rescued as wee kittens from the streets of Dubai. Their early months were spent together in a caring foster home where they blossomed as healthy, cat-friendly, people-loving kitties. They like all cats, but have a particular affinity for each other. Pringle is a curious, smart, and very lanky fellow. Bumble is right in there with Pringle, making sure he doesn't have too much fun without him! Their breed is known for being athletic, social, and chatty. Want a sporty cat who's a good conversationalist? Consider these guys!

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