Boston - Adopted on 3/30/2019

Age:  About 6 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Terrier Mix


Boston is too cute for his own good. People want to pet him because of his looks and they don't pay attention. He still gets frightened very easily and gets a bit snarky when that happens. His foster mom says that it never happens at home. Boston is not really a risk because all one has to do is distract him from his snarkiness and he's the loving dog he was before. We suggest an adult only situation for Boston. He would be so happy with some people who love him, recognize his undeserved background, work with him to make him comfortable, and let him be his lovable self. By the way, he had to have major dental/mandibular surgery even before he could come to HART. Please give him a chance to be what he wants/deserves to be.

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