Zowie - Adopted on 3/30/2019

Age:  2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Lab Mix


Zowie is a delightful, beautiful young dog who found herself in a rural shelter young, abandon and pregnant. She has raised 4 fabulous puppies (the Z force puppies) and she is now ready to find a great home! She is VERY smart, VERY trainable and VERY eager to please. She knows basic commands, is completely housebroken, and has nice house manners. She gets along well with the other dogs in her foster home but gets way to interested/excited/jumpy when she sees other dogs when we are out walking. She has a high prey drive, which also causes challenges when walking, and would probably make her an undesirable housemate for cats or other small animals. Zowie does well with children and other dogs. She would probably do best with an experienced dog family/owner to finish training her so she can be perfect! I think she has great potential for learning lots of tricks and advanced training because she sooooo wants to make you happy and catches on quickly. She is GORGEOUS and looks a lot like a lab (especially a "red lab"), but she herds and we can not really figure the rest of her heritage. Her fur is a beautiful color and very soft. She has been in a crate a few times, but mostly does not need to be crated. She is a young and active dog and would not be happy alone all day. Please come meet this wonderful young lady!

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