Oman Beauty

Sansa I (Adopted on 3/17/2019), Arya I (Adopted on 4/12/2019)

Sansa I

Arya I

Age:  10 months
Gender:  2 females
Breed:  Saluki


Sansa and Arya were born in Nizwa Oman near a construction site. They have been going through domestic pet training such as sit, stay, waiting for food calmly etc and progressing well. They are full of energy and spend most of their time playing with each other in a fully fenced secured yard. They would need someone who is willing to continue their training. Since they are very much high-energy dogs, someone who has a big yard or can bring them out for outdoor activities on daily basis would suit them.

Sansa is very beautiful with her unusual grey color. But do not be deceived by her demure look and doey eyes. She would not hesitate to speak her mind and test her boundaries. You will need a strong heart not to give in to her cuteness. So she would need a strong leader who is consistent and firm and guide her through the behavior training. She loves to play with water. She is very affectionate and always waiting for your love and attention. Sansa is an over-the-top drama queen with full of personality that never fails to melt your heart.

Arya is a focused, intelligent puppy who can follow the training quickly. She is confident and obedient. Arya is obviously the pack leader of the two and has a composed personality. Like her sister Sansa, she also loves her food and toys but they do not mind sharing. She is affectionate and has full of love to give to a very fortunate family who is willing to welcome her in as a new family member.

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