Zane Z - Adopted on 6/1/2019

Age:  9 months
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Australian Cattle Dog/Mastiff Mix


Zane is an absolute delight! His foster family adores him and can not understand why it has taken him so long to find his forever home. The only possible explanation is that he is a tiny bit shy/hesitant when he first meets people. After you are acquainted, he will be your true and perfect best friend. Zane is ADORABLE and GORGEOUS, sweet, snuggley, silly and fairly calm. He is also house broken, crate trained, well behaved (for a puppy), and VERY VERY smart! He learns very quickly. He is leash trained, knows sit, lie down, and shake and is working on other commands. News Flash! He is becoming a Frisbee dog! Retrieving a Frisbee is now his favorite activity. He would probably excel at advanced training, agility, flyball, or Frisbee games. His DNA showed cattle dog, mastiff, and mixed breeds. He weighs 32 pounds at 4.5 months, and is on track to be a 60-ish pound dog (so big, but not huge!) He is great with kids and other dogs but like all puppies he gets zany (get it?) and excited at times so his canine and young human friends would have to be tolerant of that during his youth. He is very respectful of the older dogs in the home, but LOVES playing with his young dog friends. Zane will need a home where someone is home a lot to provide the exercise, training, and activity that all puppies need to become the perfect family pet. Without exercise, smart dogs get bored and rascally! Please come meet our perfect foster puppy, get to know his awesomeness!

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