Z Force

Zane Z, Zekki Z, Zurrie Z, Zena Z

Zane Z

Zekki Z

Zurrie Z

Zena Z

Age:  8 weeks
Gender:  2 females and 2 males
Breed:  Lab Mix
Size:  Large when grown
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Probably due to age
Kid Friendly:  Yes


My goodness, wait until you see these puppies! The Z Force puppies came with their mom, Zowie, from a rural shelter the day after they were born. These babies have received every advantage a puppy could hope for, warm, loved, snuggled, kept spotlessly clean, met lots of people, had lots of experiences. Mom is a lab mix and I have NO CLUE who Dad is! All 4 puppies look very different. Mom weighs 54 pounds, and I'm pretty sure dad was a little bigger. They are well on their way with housebreaking, are learning to sit, and are working on leash walking. They are indescribably adorable! Fluffy, bouncy, silly, snuggley, engaging, it has been a joy to watch them grow (but also a ton of work!!) These adorable young puppies will need homes where someone is home a lot to provide the exercise, training, and activity that all puppies need to grow into model dog citizens. Please come meet these fabulous puppies. Their very experienced foster family ADORES them and will have a hard time parting with them!

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